How long does planning and executing a Dinner Party actually take?

We don’t know about you, but here at Autentico we absolutely adore entertaining!

We love having friends and family around and spending time in the garden over a BBQ, or cooking up a treat and getting everyone around the table for a dinner party.

Food is such a great way of bringing people together. There’s nothing quite like serving your guests delicious home-cooked food for them to enjoy, but any meal requires planning and preparation and this takes time spent on your part to do so.

So, what do you need to do to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal for family and friends? Well quite a lot actually! Here are just a few tasks you’ll need to undertake to ensure a successful home-cooked meal.

Plan the Menu (15-30 mins)

Planning the menu is a crucial part of any get together! Of course, any good menu depends on the occasion, who is attending, what their dietary requirements are and a whole host of other factors, so it’s important to get it right! It typically takes on average around fifteen to thirty minutes of your time to plan the menu for any dinner party.

Make a list of all of the ingredients you will need (15-30 mins)

Once you’ve chosen the menu then it’s time to make a list of all the ingredients that you need, and to double check the kitchen stock cupboard to see what you already have and what you will need to buy from the supermarket. List making and stock checking should also take around fifteen to thirty minutes!

Brave the supermarket and go shopping for those ingredients (1-2 hours)

Hands up who love food shopping? Well as much as we love cooking food, actually shopping for food is probably not really very high up on our list of fun activities. However, it is a necessary part of holding any food-related event.

Of course, you could do the shopping online and have it delivered, which still takes around an hour of your time, but if it’s short notice then you may find that you have to brave the supermarket. This could take around an hour, to two hours of your time, depending on how busy the supermarket is and whether you stop to browse the clothing section at the same time!

Spend time preparing and cooking a delicious meal (2-3 hours)

The menu is planned, the food is gathered, and now the real work begins, actually taking time to prepare the meal! If you love cooking then you may revel in getting all of the food prepared, popping on some music, pouring a delicious glass of wine, or beer, and happily cooking away and cleaning as you go until the meal is prepared. Or, if cooking isn’t your thing, then you may be rushing around stressed trying to fathom recipe amounts and directions, and leaving chaos throughout the kitchen which needs to eventually be cleaned. Whatever your preferred cookery style, we estimate that it takes around two to three hours to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal which your guests will be excited to tuck into!

Serve the meal and supervise (30 mins)

Everything Ready? Then it must be time to serve your meal! So, you need cutlery, napkins, plates and bowls, serving plates and cutlery all out and ready to serve you guests, then you can supervise whilst your guests tuck in and you hover in the background, ready to cater for their every whim! Hopefully you may also get a chance to eat at some point, if you’re anything like us, in between popping up and down the table to get things for other people!

Wash up everything and clear up afterwards (1-2 hours)

Phew… the meal is finally done… but you’re not finished yet! Once the meal has been served and enjoyed, it’s time to start the clearing up, which you may decide to do whilst your guests are still present or after they have left, and hopefully, eventually, everything has been cleared away.

So how much time did you actually get to spend with your guests?

You’ve spent the best part of five to eight hours planning, sorting, cooking the food and clearing up afterwards, without having to tidy up the house and do everything else required.

Plus, this hasn’t actually given you very much time to socialise and spend valuable time with your guests, who are coming to spend time with you.

Would you agree that’s a lot of work just for a get together with friends and family?

It can often feel like it, especially if it’s a special occasion and you’re making an extra special effort, so spend even longer than the average time preparing everything.

So how much is five to eight hours of your valuable time worth to you? How much is actually getting to spend time with your guest’s worth to you?

Wouldn’t you love the idea of a dinner party or family celebration where someone else comes and cooks for you?

Well at Autentico we save you time and stress and hassle, and give you your time back to spend with family and friends! It’s what we love to do!

That’s the beauty of hiring a catering company. We take care of everything for you and we save you time and hassle and enable you to enjoy the event and mingle with your guests, rather than running around taking care of everything.

At Autentico we will liaise with you on the menu, then we can come and cook everything freshly at your home or venue of your choice, serve everything including Plates, Napkins and Cutlery, and we’ll even do all of the cleaning up afterwards. Rather than cooking at your home, we can also offer a Delivery where we will come and deliver everything freshly to you, hot and ready to serve

So, if you’d love to find out more about how we can make your next dinner party or special event as stress-free as possible with on-site catering, or delivery, then we’d love to chat!

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