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Our Current Menu

In line with Government guidelines, we are currently offering our delicious Paellas delivered direct to your door, fresh and hot in the Pan, along with our popular Pinchos and Postres.

Paella Pan Delivery

All Paellas are freshly cooked at the time of your order.

You can also build your own Paella, add, or remove ingredients.
Choose from these extra ingredients:
• Scallops, Squid
• New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, Mussels
• Chicken, Pork, Chorizo, Chicken Wings
• Lobster, King Prawns, Prawns Shell Off

All pans are collected after your delivery as part of the service!

We offer Free Delivery up to a radius of 10 miles of Harpenden. Further away? Prices on request.

Type Size/Portions Size/Portions Size/Portions Size/Portions Size/Portions Size/Portions
Main Course Sizes/ Double for Tapas  40cm (6) 50cm(10) 55cm (15-20) 60cm (20-25) 70cm (30-35) 80cm (40-45)
Asturiana  – Seafood & Chicken – Calamari, Shelled Mussels, Mussel Meat, Prawns, Chicken and Garnished with Large Tiger  Prawns £80 £140 £199 £250 £299 £420
Gallega – Seafood – Calamari, Shelled Mussels, Mussel Meat, Prawns & Garnished with Large Tiger Prawns.  £80 £140 £199 £250 £299 £420
Leonesa – Chicken & Chorizo Garnished with Chicken Wings  £65 £110 £160 £190 £240 £375
Verde – Vegetarian – Peas, Courgettes, Aubergines, Green Beans, Chickpeas, Mushrooms and  Garnished with Asparagus  £55 £100 £130 £150 £199 £275
Valenciana – Seafood & Meat – Calamari, Chicken, Pork, Prawns, Shelled Mussels and Mussel Meat  £75 £130 £170 £210 £275 £399
Madrilena – Calamari, Shelled Mussels, Mussel Meat, Prawns, Swordfish, Scallops & Garnished with King Prawns  £130 £199 £250 £350 £450 £550

Boost Your Paella with Extra Choices

Additions/Extras Description Pan Size


Chorizo Fresh Chorizo Sausage, Packed with Flavour (250 gr) 5
Shelled King Prawns Medium Sized King Prawns without their Shell (350 gr) 7
Large Tiger Prawns Large Tiger Prawns in Shell (6) 8
New Zealand Mussels Large New Zealand Mussels (6) 5
Chicken Wings Chicken Wings cooked in Olive Oil & Paprika (6) 5

Why Not Add Some Tapas & Postres To Complete Your Spanish Feast

A delicious selection of Spanish Pinchos (Tapas from Northern Spain) and Postres (Desserts) made for sharing. 

Here are some of our most popular Pinchos & Postres. Download Our Menu Below for our Full Delivery Menu


Flambéed Chorizo in Honey & Cider traditionally cooked in the Paella Pan

Garlic King Prawns flambéed in Cognac

Pimientos del Padrón

Spanish Salad –  Beef Tomatoes, Crispy Lettuce, and finely sliced Spanish Onion and topped with White Asparagus

Postres – Desserts

Tarta de Santiago – Almond Tart

Flan de Queso – A smooth style of Cheesecake flavoured with Vanilla

Flan – Spanish Crème Caramel

     Churros Filled with Dulce De Leche (Caramel Sauce)

        Crema Catalana made with Oranges & Cointreau

  Pastillas de Nata – Mini Custard Tarts

Arroz Con Leche  – Rice Pudding sprinkled with Canela (Cinnamon)

Please feel free to visit our flickr page for inspiration and we can help you create your own mix ‘n’ match menu.

        If there are any particular dishes you love, be sure to let us know: we’ll do our very best to make them for you.

Our detailed menu along with any Allergens present is best viewed on larger screens. For optimal viewing experience on mobile please download the file below.

Monthly Friday Night Three Course Menu Delivery

On the first Friday evening of each month we offer a three course Paella Menu including a “Pincho” (Starter), “Paella” (Main Course) and “Postre” Dessert, delivered to your door for just £20 per person. 

Next Planned Friday Evening Delivery: 4th December 2020

Please keep an eye on our social media pages for more information.