Dan and Vicky’s Vegan Wedding

Anyone who is Vegetarian or Vegan, or who has ever had to cater for a Vegetarian or Vegan knows that it’s not always easy to find tasty and different vegan food, especially if you are catering for large groups of people at the same time, so when Dan and Vicky who follow a Vegetarian and Vegan diet respectively, came to us with the brief of providing Vegan catering for their wedding, we were just a little bit excited about catering an event which didn’t involve Meat and Seafood at all! We often get asked for Vegan Paellas alongside Meat and Fish, but this was our first completely Vegan event.

Through their wedding catering, Dan and Vicky were keen to highlight that Vegan food doesn’t have to be bland and boring, it can actually be inventive and really tasty, and there are lots of options available. We know from catering events that Vegans sometimes feel that they get a raw deal (literally) and so we were keen to create delicious dishes to wow their guests.

Now, you may be thinking that you’ve never heard of a Vegan Spanish Paella before and you would be right! Often more synonymous with Seafood and Meat, in Spain, the words “Vegan” and “Paella” would rarely be found in the same sentence, but here at Autentico we’re able to cater our Paellas to suit most diets and so Paella makes a great Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free option

We suggested two Vegan Paellas to Dan and Vicky to feed their sixty-five guests, paired with a Greek Salad (with Feta on the side for the non-vegans), bread, and some other side dishes.

Alongside our secret sofrito sauce, one Paella included chickpeas, sugar snap peas, garden peas and green beans, and the second Paella included mushrooms, baby sweetcorn, butternut squash. aubergines and courgette.

We cooked our Paellas outside in front of their guests, whilst the Reception Drinks were being served.

Many of the guests weren’t surprised that Vicky and Dan had opted for Vegan catering, although a few were naturally apprehensive at the thought of an entirely Vegan meal.

However, we had some great comments from the wedding guests, including marvelling over how appetising the Paellas looked, exclaiming how delicious they were and commenting that our Vegan Paellas were really delicious catering options.

So hopefully Dan and Vicky achieved their goal of demonstrating that Vegan catering can be inventive and delicious!

Here’s what Dan and Vicky had to say about us…

“We booked Mel and Jorge for our wedding event and they were absolutely perfect. The food was amazing and was served with a smile at the time we had requested.

Mel and Jorge are so friendly, we couldn’t recommend them enough.

We had the Vegetarian Paella (which is actually vegan and GF), great when you are catering for large number of people with different dietary requirements. We also had one guest who was allergic to onion (a key ingredient of all the paellas) and Mel and Jorge went the extra mile and made an individual paella for one guest.”

So happy wedding guests…and proof that you can make a delicious Paella without Seafood or Meat!

We’re always happy to chat to vegetarians or vegans who are looking for catering that is different and fits in with their dietary requirements, or those catering for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Diets at events.


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